Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mounds of Shoes, and Stinky ones too!

Yesterday was a record-breaking day here at The Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic. While the photo below showcases 300 pairs of shoes, the photo above contains more than double that number. Through generous public support we have collected 385 pairs of shoes (since our first photo) bringing our total to 685.

Our donators have ranged from people who have dropped off a bag or box of shoes to one client who has gathered shoes from not just her own closets but those of her friends and family and has donated over 100 pairs of shoes alone. And finally there are the local businesses, schools and daycares that are in the midst of growing their own mountain to add to ours.

Almost half way to our goal of 1500 shoes, we want to thank the public for all their support of gently used shoes as well as the financial donations which will help off set our shipping costs. With only 9 days and 815 pairs of shoes to go, help us with our mountain by telling your friends and family and encouraging them to drop off their gently used shoes at our office at 234 St. Marie St. or Becker Shoes on 73 Hurontario. Whether giving us one pair or one hundred pairs, know that each will be donated to someone in need in Haiti.
Tony Abbott, D.Ch.
Registered Chiropodist / Foot Specialist  705-444-9929

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