Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st, PIG DAY

Alright a couple of quick points before we begin. First, this awful photo is the only one I had from Monday’s wildly successful Pig Day press event at our Prince Edward County shop (yes, this is me standing with a tray of Aman’s Pork Buddha Dogs made with Blaine Way’s Tamworth pig, topped with Harvest Apple Onion Jam and Black River Pepperjack on a Pastry House sage bun), which I hope underscores how much I/we care about this initiative.

Second, this is ultimately about the agricultural community and the public coming together to better understand where our food comes from and why buying local, sustainable food has such a positive impact on our communities and economy. Ok, and the pig, as Homer Simpson and my business partner like to say, “is a magical animal!” International Pork Day is on March 1st so please consider having a nice pork loin, rack of babyback ribs, a tasty BLT or our first Pork Buddha Dog! ****FINAL NOTE****All three Buddha Dog shops, Collingwood, Toronto and Picton, will be serving the Pork Buddha Dog over the February 26th weekend leading up to Pig Day on March 1st!  Visit Buddha Dog on Pine Street, today and celebrate!

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