Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thank You Cheese Gallery

Trying to be as true to myself as possible in my ongoing Quest for Fitness (yes...I'm still on it and the result of hard work is paying off slowly but surely) while I was lunching with a friend at The Cheese Gallery in Thornbury today I couldn't find anything in their offering that worked for me.  I explained this and voila, Casey and Wendy came up with a special plate just for me (I think they should call it the Julie Cheese Plate) and they gave me some fresh fruit with some low fat cheese.  Yeay.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Best Corned Beef Sandwich

I popped by the Legion last Friday for a Corned Beef Sandwich.  There is no question about it folks, John (just John) at the Legion serves up the very best Corned Beef Sandwich in the land.  Piled mile high for only $3.50 it's a steal of a deal.  Available only on Fridays.  I tried to get John to smile for the picture...he was playing hard to get.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Congratulations to the CheerCore Chameleons

The CheerCore Chameleons just came back from an amazing show at the Provincials with quite a list of accomplishments that head coach Sam Thomas and her team can surely be very proud of:list of our accomplishments at Provincials:

CheerCore Juniors - Provincial Champions in the Small Junior Level 2 division

Junior Level 3 stunt - 1st place - four athletes from our junior team put together a 1 minute long routine where they performed a variety of level 3 cheerleading stunts

Senior Level 5 stunt - 1st place - five athletes from our Senior Gold team put together a 1 minute long routine where they performed a variety of level 5 cheerleading stunts; and

CheerCore Senior Gold - 3rd place in the Senior Level 4.2 division

Click to find out more about CheerCore Collingwood.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wednesday is Date Night at Catch 22

Scheduling a Date Night with your significant other, a special friend, or even a family member that you just don't spend enough time with is a really great idea that just got better. The folks at Catch 22 have just created a new Wednesday Date Night menu.  For only $50 clams you can choose an appetizer to share, each enjoy a lovely entree and clink spoons or forks over a delectable dessert.  To look at your Date Night dining options check out the special Catch 22 Menu.  To top that off, they're also offering $5 off the price of any bottle of wine.  Now that's just spectacular!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Poplar Sideroad - Emergency Road Closure

Due to contributing spring conditions and extreme road breakup, Poplar Sideroad from County Road 124 (Hurontario Street) to Highway 26 East will be closed until further notice.

Please note that this section of Polar Sideroad is scheduled to be reconstructed beginning on or about April 1, 2011. During this time the road will be closed for the road reconstruction project.

Town of Collingwood Engineering Department

Saturday, March 5, 2011

2011 Clerkson Award deadline

Attention all artists in any media!
 The 2011 Clerkson Award deadline for applications is approaching!

The BMFA is now accepting submissions for the $1000 plus interest Murray Jacob Clerkson award to an Artist living in the Georgian Triangle Area.

Whether you consider yourself an emerging artist or an emerged artist we encourage you to apply for the award!!

Five finalists will be selected to show their work for a month in the BMFA gallery and receive a free annual membership to the BMFA. This means reduced entry fees, discounts at local retailers and arts suppliers and information about classes, theatre trips and more.

Application brochures available in the BMFA Arts Centre or online at  Call 705 445 3430 for information.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Balloon Expressions makes and Impression

My daughter's best friend Zoe came to visit for her birthday. Her mom had made dinner reservations and I wanted to give her a special welcome when they arrived at the restaurant.  So I called Melissa Foley at Balloon Expressions and asked her to make something really special.  Melissa sent me a text message asking if Zoe had any hobbies and what her hair and eye colours were.  I told them that Zoe loves to sing and has brown hair and hazel eyes. They created a mini Zoe out of Balloons!  It was just fantastic and Zoe was so thrilled about it.  So thank you so very much to the folks at Balloon Expressions!