Sunday, March 9, 2014

Organizing after Ski Season to make sure you're ready for next year

Sad but true...the end of Ski Season is only weeks away and with that in mind I though I'd share with you my strategy for always being organized for next year's ski season.  On the last day of skiing I would force (yes force) our four kids to search through every boot bag, the boot room, every ski boot and every drawer, look under the beds and in every closet for every single ski sock (expensive ski socks that you don't want them wearing to school because they can't find a matching pair of other socks)...every piece of long underwear, gather all ski gloves, goggles, balaclavas and bandana's.  

Then, everything that could go in the wash...went in the wash.  A few shots of Febreeze into each pair of ski boots (especially the boys boots and race gloves...gross gross gross)...then a sheet of fabric softener into the boots before storing them all in boot bags to protect them from dust in the garage or boot room.

Next comes the fun part (ok...this is only really fun if you're an organizational freak but trust me...taking the time to do this is worth it)..I would take a giant zip lock bag and label it for each kid (you only need to do this one time because they last year over year)...and then start the folding and sorting.  I think the rest of the process is pretty self can take this opportunity to take unmatched ski socks put them in the craft basket to make hand puppets and sock monkeys at a later date...perhaps a rainy day activity on a wet Spring day.  You can also stick a fabric softener sheet into the bag for added scent if you want.  Eco friendly solutions are available if that appeals to you.

The giant zip locks would then go into the boot room to hibernate for the spring, summer and fall and then WOW on the first day of skiing the next year everyone starts out happy because there are no tears (this only really happens with little girls) because everyone can easily find all of their proper ski clothing.

This sure makes a great start to the first day of ski lessons when especially younger kids might be a bit nervous...and the older kids are very excited to connect with their ski buddies...really who wants to waste on that all important first day on the hill looking for sock?