Thursday, August 26, 2010

No More Stink!

What is the thing anyone hates most about nail polish?  The stink of the nail polish remover for sure. OK looking at chipped ragged nails is gross too but the nasty smell of nail polish remover tops my yuk list for sure.  Well, there's a new amazing product called Paint & Peel by Sula.  I was in Nifty's in Stayner and they gave me a just peeled off each nail in one piece.  Thrilled by this, I brought home a bottle of my daughter's favourite colour de jour.  Nifty's in Stayner has a whole bunch of great colours and each bottle retails for $9.95.  Sandrah at Nifty's can tell you more about this great new water based product. 705.428.2790.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grab your Glads

Gladioli are in full bloom at Bishops on 124 (south of Poplar Sideroad on the East side).  You can buy them at the road side with the honor system...or go right down the driveway and honk your horn and you can meet the makers of such a wonderful offering.  Six stems will run you a cool $7.50.  They come in a wonderful array of colours and are remarkably beautiful, plus they last quite a while.  While you're at it you can also grab one of Gretta's homemade pies - frozen ready for your oven or her jam...delicious!   Gretta and Gord Bishop 705.445.8259.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Brilliant Bread Company - Worth the Drive

A new addition to the Eugenia Falls Emporium is the Brilliant Bread & Cheese Company.  The Emporium is located right on Grey Road 13 in the heart of Eugenia.  In the realatively small but very productive retail space annexed to the Emporium one finds themselves in the midst of wonderful wafts of fresh bread, made in a wholesome and traditional way, with no additives or preservatives.  The Brilliant Bread & Cheese Company is new to town and surrounds but will easily become a mainstay for locals and a must visit for the tourists.  It is a rare thing these days to be able to walk into a bakery and be able to see 'stuff being made'.  What a great treat to visit the BB&CC and not only be able to purchase great products at great prices - tremendous value on cheeses too - but to also see a master baker excercise his craft a mere few feet away.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Green Bin Project - Preview Screening

Matt Code of Free Spirit Tours and Sarah Heiple of Good Energy hosted Jen and Grant (pictured here) the makers of a doc called The Clean Bin Project. It was a potluck dinner full of very healthy things to eat (except for maybe the pie...but I think someone tucked some spiroulina in there...if I pretend that's true...I feel less guilty) and we were priviledged to view a preview screening of the movie.  The movie was remarkable, educational, entertaining and I think most importantly, thought provoking.  You can find out more here Clean Bin Movie.  Rumour has it that this film will be part of the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust 'Be The Change' movie series this fall.  This is one movie you don't want to miss and you need to drag your kids along to this one.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tropical Bliss Smoothie from Pure a Winner!

Faced with the challenge of hiking up Osler Bluff this evening, I thought I would stack my deck and take in a smoothie from Pure - Organic Food and Juice Bar (10 Keith Ave.- on Hwy 26 705.445.9990) and Sam recommended the Tropical Bliss smoothie made with Valencia organges and organic coconut meat...for extra energy.  Between myself, the smoothie and Lady CJ (that's Sarah Heipel's doggie) I made it to the top!  Whoo Hoo...there's great satisfaction in that.'s The Village Way Hike.  The Georgian Bay Hikers are meeting in front of Rusty's in the Village at 5:30pm if you're up for the challenge...we'll see you there!  I think they should create a 'Drag my sorry ass up the Hill Smoothie' just for me!