Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hiking is Beautiful even on a Rainy Day

Just came back from hiking the Village Way Hike at Blue.  Even in soggy weather it's beautiful so get out there while you still can. I was hiking up...I could hear screams through the woods...screams of delight...looks like they're testing the Mountain Coaster.

On Buying Unmeasurable Media - Seth Godin

Should you invest in TV, radio, billboards and other media where you can't measure whether your ad works? Is an ad in New York magazine worth 1,000 times as much as a text link on Google? If you're doing the comparison directly, that's how much extra you're paying if you're only measuring direct web visits...

One school of thought is to measure everything. If you can't measure it, don't do it. This is the direct marketer method and there's no doubt it can work.

There's another thought, though: Most businesses (including your competitors) are afraid of big investments in unmeasurable media. Therefore, if you have the resources and the guts, it's a home run waiting to be hit.

Ralph Lauren is a billion dollar brand. Totally unmeasurable. So are Revlon, LVMH, Donald Trump, Anderson Windows, Lada Gaga and hundreds of other mass market brands.

There are two things you should never do:

  1. Try to measure unmeasurable media and use that to make decisions. You'll get it wrong. Sure, some sophisticated marketers get good hints from their measurements, but it's still an art, not a science.
  2. Compromise on your investment. Small investments in unmeasurable media almost always fail. Go big or stay home.
And if you're selling unmeasurable media? Don't try to sell to people who are obsessed with measuring. You'll waste your time and annoy the prospect at the same time.

Just in case you missed it: and are totally measurable.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Julie's Quest for Fitness

Well for those of you wondering where my quest for fitness updates have been hiding...the fact of the matter is that while I continue on my quest, things are not progressing as quickly as I would have liked.  However, I am very happy to report that I have continued on as diligently as possible (for me)...I've encountered a few hiccups on the way (yes sometimes work gets in the way of working out), I've learned how to eat much more responsbily for my body and overall health and energy level and wow...for the first time in as long as I can remember, my boobs are now sticking out farther than my stomach.  That's a huge milestone for me.  Onwards and Upwards...and this is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do in my life so for anyone else out there struggling...more power to you and stick with it.

I would like to extend an extra special thanks to my personal trainer (and now good friend despite the tough the one this arms are still feel like jello) Sarah Heipel who runs Good Energy Fitness and Nutrition, who has been completely amazing.  She has been able to keep me motivated, arms me with lots and lots of important information about food, health, fitness.  I now do crazy things like make Quinoa at least once a week and have started making my own breakfast cereal. 

I am on a huge upswing right now as I prepare for ski season.  Funny some people are motivated by bathing suit season...not me...I am motivated by buying a brand new pair of ski pants that look really hot on my shrinking butt!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Grist Mill Winery Tasting Event

It was a fantastic turnout at the 6th Annual Tasting event hosted by The Grist Mill at the Beaver Valley Community Centre.  Food pairings by The Cheese Gallery and Heavenly Sweets were delicious.  The next time you're in Kimberly (in the heart of the Beaver Valley, visit the Grist Mill and say hi to owners Terry and Judy Smith.  You can contact The Grist Mill Winery at 519.599.7979 and they are located at 253313 Grey Road 13.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cruise for Charity Information Night

Journeys of Distinction is hosting an information night on Monday, October 18th at Brunello 27 on Fourth at 7pm.  Find out how taking a luxury 11 day Mediterranean Cruise (Cruise date October25th, 2011) can help support The Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation.  Please RSVP for the information night by calling Linda at 705.444.8644.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great Offers This Week from Double Dollars

Get ready to purchase Double Dollar gift certificates starting 10am thru 10pm on Wednesday October 13th. You can purchase:
  • Sirena Restaurant for $12.50 and receive $25.00 in value
  • Minds Alive Toy Store for $10.00 and receive $20.00 in value
  • Nottawasaga Mechanical for $25.00 and receive $50.00 in value
  • Adrenaline Adventures for 187.50 and receive $350.00 in value
  • Boston Pizza for $10.00 and receive $20.00 in value
To make a purchase visit and go to the Double Dollars page. We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stuffed Peasant Special Double Dollars Offer

Check out the special Thanksgiving Double Dollars offer from Chef Scott Carter.  Delicious! 50 Certificates are for sale at half price.  They are available until they are sold out so don't forget to tell your friends so they can take advantage of this great offer too.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sirena Italian Restaurant - Don't let the outside fool you

We checked out Sirena Italian Restaurant on Highway 26 (South of Poplar Sideroad), you'll notice the new sign and the Italian Flag.  Well it was another Collingwood surprise and delight.  We had a delicious meal prepared by Chef Antonio.  Chef Antonio is the real deal folks and his Italian cuisine is authentic.  Don't let the outside of the building fool you.  The inside is nicely decorated, spacious and would make a great space for a family birthday party, anniversary celebration or any time where you might have larger groups of friends and family gathering together.  The restaurant also has cozy nooks for the romatics.  Be a good neighbour and welcome Chef Antonio into town by visiting his restaurant and giving his great food a try.  We all talk about supporting local businesses...put your money where your mouth is...your mouth will be happy you did!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hole in One For Big Brothers & Big Sisters

On Thursday September 30, Jan Trude of Tim Horton's Collingwood was pleased to present Karen Webb of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Georgian Triangle with a cheque in the amount of $ 21,355.03 from their recent Charity Golf Tournament. The BBBSGT is very grateful for the wonderful continuing support from Tim Horton's.

Photo by David West