Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mother Knows Best

Ah yes, an old and well used expression.  There is much satisfaction in being able to say that to your teenager and have them agree with you.  For some time there had been a plan...and agreement if you will...between myself and my lovely daughter Suzan.  We had agreed that during March break she would take the CSIA Level 1 course.  As March break loomed closer the whining and complaining increased and so did the volume level...''re ruining my March break by making me take this course...I want to hang out with my friends'.  Alas, I prevailed and suggested (for my friends reading this, they will know that my way of suggesting can be a bit on the heavy side) to her that should she pass the course she would have a huge sense of accomplishment that she had done something useful during her break.  So today, I am a very proud mommy and to my daughter I say 'a big congratulations, I am very proud of you'.  I also got a special gift from her in the car on the ride home from the ski hill.  She looked at me and said 'thank you' to me for making her take the class.  Amazing how two small words can seem so huge!

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