Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crepe Julie - Culinary Genius

From time to time I am a self proclaimed culinary genius (and other times...well my culinary skills have been the basis for much laughter...that seems to last a generation and my turkey stuffing disaster or the time the turkey actually blew up in the oven...moving right along) and tonight I am proclaiming that my new culinary invention CREPE JULIE is just that - culinary genius. 

This evening, I created a crepe creation that uses fresh local asperagus and red peppers from GreenMarc Farms, gluten free pancake mix for the crepe batter from the Collingwood Community Food Co-op, a little bit of red onion...sliced very thin from any grocery store or farm market and best of all some 8 year old cheddar cheese from The Cheese Gallery.

When making the crepes I followed the recipe for pancake batter and thinned it out a little with some extra water and I substituted the tablespoon of vegetable oil that the recipe calls for with organic coconut oil.  I steamed the asperagus for just a couple of minutes so it was still crunchy...but not raw and the onions and red peppers were uncooked.  Because the 8 year old cheddar cheese packs such a huge flavour punch you only need to use a little bit grated into the middle of the crepe when you're doing the assembly.  No extra sauce or added calories required.  Try this out at home and sub in your favourite crunchy raw veggies.