Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shortest Blog Ever from Julie

My back is out...it's killing me.  I love my chiropractor who is helping me.  If you're back doesn't hurt be happy!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer of Love - Theatre Collingwood

Theatre Collingwood is delighted to present the production of "Summer of Love" - July 15-19, 2014 at The Historic Gayety Theatre. This production is sponsored by Royal LePage Trinity Realty. This show is presented by Theatre Collingwood and comes to us from the very talented folks at C2 Entertainment. 

"Memories of the Summer of Love" takes us back to a time of PEACE, LOVE, and good vibrations. The show begins with the music of the early 60's and showcases groups like The Beach Boys, Gerry & The Pacemakers, and The Monkees. Stories are told about the time period and the innocence of the time. We then move to the mid 60's and civil rights, and the struggle of teens to be recognized in a mostly conservative time. With music from Peter, Paul and Mary, and Joni Mitchell the focus is on the folk movement and the part it played. The first act closes with songs from Buffalo Springfield and Bob Dylan, which reflect the Vietnam experience and the call for the end to the war in Southeast Asia.

Act two opens with the number one song of 1967 by The Doors, although they never performed at the Monterrey Pop Festival, their anthem "Light My Fire" haled the birth of the summer of love. The show continues with a recreation of some of the most memorable performances from the Monterrey Pop Festival including Janis Joplin, The Association, and Laura Nero. As the act continues we hear more about the time and reflect more on the day to day life of a teen in 1967. Next we look at the influence that Simon and Garfunkel made and the songs that spoke to a generation. Finally we end with the music of The Mamas and the Papas and Scott McKenzie. Their songs where the corner stone's of the hippy movement and the song "San Francisco" was truly the anthem for the summer of love. 

The intention is for our audience to relive the music and emotion of the 60's and hopefully rekindles the spirit of the Summer of Love, and the need for social change, even in our time.

There are two things that really excite me about this show, said Executive Director Erica Angus, the first is that this music is universally loved and appreciated by all ages. I know I will enjoy the show and so will my kids. Secondly, this cast is incredibly talented and we are so lucky to have such fine professionals coming to Collingwood!

"The summer of love was actually 1967 with the Monterrey Pop Festival. This show tells that story. We are happy to once again offer $5 tickets to this production for high school students who want to come learn about this pivotal time in music history!" said Harold Bickerstaff, Theatre Collingwood Chair. 

Tickets can be purchased in person at the Theatre Collingwood year-round Box Office located at 65 Simcoe Street or by calling 705-445-2200 or 1-866-382-2200, or for more information visit Theatre Collingwood website.

Summer of Love - ticket prices:
Orchestra Seating $40
Group Seating $35 (groups of more than 10 people)
All ticket prices include HST
For tickets call our box office: 705-445-2200
Deb Piggott at 705-445-2200.