Tuesday, September 4, 2018

How can we be better Canadians?

Answer that question and you can help George Czerny with the content for his new book idea.

People work hard to better their bodies and their minds, but what do they do to become better Canadians?A Collingwood, Ontario, man aims to find out. George Czerny has sent letters across Canada to selected government, First Nations and Inuit leaders asking them the question: What can Canadians do to be better Canadians?

Czerny, who is retired, is seeking feedback in connection with a book idea he has and he would like your comments too. The working title of his book is “Kiss The Ground You Walk On, Canada” and in it he wants to convey the message of how we can all be better Canadians.

He is looking forward to responses from across Canada. Anybody who would like to comment can send him an e-mail at:ilovecanadatoo@gmail.com