Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Love My New Honda CRV

Lucky me, lucky me, my wonderful husband surprised me with a brand new Honda CRV Sport in a lovely shade of sage green for our anniversary.  It was hard to say good bye to my beloved and trusty Elliot my Honda Element, but I have made the transition rather quickly.  The new car is named well with the existing nick name Ellie.  Sounds a little silly, I know, but I have had a wonderful relationship with Elliot over the last few years and he's taken me over 152,000 kms safely while I've been out and about.  Elliot never let me down, always started on the coldest of winter days, was able to make it up Scenic Caves Road in the worst conditions and took me to the cottage (my favourite place in the world besides Collingwood) always a happy road trip.  Elliot and I had a remarkable relationship.  He will be missed, but I'm looking forward to a great relationship with Ellie, the sleek looking, smooth running new car in my life (with a fantastic sunroof).  Thanks to Ward Bond and the Team at Blue Mountain Honda for taking such great care of us through the transition and always giving excellent customer service.  Special thanks to Nick for quietly answering all of my really stupid car questions without making me feel stupid.  The next step is to get '' on the rear window.  Tomorrow I'm off to see Brian at Park Signs to get the new decal because they do an amazing job of matching the paint colour for a very sophisticated looking colour spot of brand awareness.  Big hugs and kisses to Dan.  That's a pretty amazing present.  And Suzan if you're reading eating in the new car and no feet up on the dash when you're waiting in the car for me to finish grocery shopping. 


Anonymous said...

love the car. But really, with my budget, more so the nails. Where did you get them????


Julie Card said...

Nails are from Kalola Boutique and Spa on Hurontario Street - the new Shellac Nails.

Junior Perrera said...

That Honda CRV Sport looks absolutely stunning! One thing great about this SUV is that it combines both luxury and utility in one package. You kind of get the power and interior space of a typical pickup truck, with its all-wheel-drive system. That means you can go trail driving without having to worry about traction because all the wheels will be spinning as you trudge along the beaten path. But despite the AWD system, Honda claims the vehicle still promises better fuel economy.

Mardell Tobin said...

Wow, 'Eleonor' is a lovely baby! How is she now? I bet she's still running smooth since Honda cars are known for their quality and style. CRV is a beautiful model; its engine performance is cool and quiet and the cabin has incredible leg and headroom. =)

Mardell Tobin

Basil Glenn said...

What a beautiful 'baby'! Is it still good as new by now? It would be if you have a habit of driving safely and keeping up with routine maintenance. The most important thing to remember when taking care of cars is to not let the engine left idle for a long time.
Basil Glenn