Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cook Like Chef Philip Tarlo

I am so completely impressed with myself.  This all started yesterday when I was invited by Chef Philip Tarlo who just opened the Collingwood Cooking Academy recently, to attend one of his classes.  Dan and I attended Beef 101 and we learned so much...including how to make the most amazing Yorkshire Puddings.  I have tried on several occassions to make them in the past and have not enjoyed much success and I think we used them for something other than eating...perhaps sports related...if I recall.  Anyways, the Yorkshire Puddings were amazing and so was the Beef Wellington.  It was great to have Dan there too because I could ask some leading questions (like how long are you supposed to left beef rest before cutting into it?) and then Philip would give the it wasn't like I was telling Dan what to do...Philip was.  How brilliant is that? 

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