Saturday, December 18, 2010

Welcome to Collingwood - Please Relax!

To all our wonderful weekend visitors.  We're so glad you're excited to be here too!  What an amazing start to the Winter season.  Now that you're here please try to relax as you motor into town.  Our speed limit is a mere 50km on most roads, which is a really smart thing because with the ever changing weather and road conditions, you can't be too cautious.  Not to mention the wildlife that can jump out in front of you...and it does...quite often.  It's a really smart idea not to follow another car too closely.  You never know when they'll pound down on the breaks.  We're proud to be polite and courteous drivers.  We drive to stay alive...not to get there first!  I want you close enough to my rear end to read my logo but not close enough to kiss my ass.  So now that you're here...relax along with the rest of us, welcome and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

You said it Julie. It's amazing since Blue declared open did the tailgaters. It is just so not necessary.