Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pure Organic Food & Juice Bar Open!

A bike ride along the Georgian Trail this morning led me to Pure Organic Food & Juice Bar. Thanks to my friend Shelby, I found out that it opened while I was at the cottage. So for breakfast I had a fabulous Irish Moss Parfait and a fantastic Kicking Horse Coffee. Their mission is to offer the most nutritious and delicious food on the planet, while growing their business in a sustainable and ethical way. Seasonally, their menu will be loaded with ingredients from local, organic farms.

- Fresh Pressed Juices
- Smoothies and Elixers
- Salads, wraps, and other enrtrees
- Organic, Fair-trade Espresso and Teas
- Healthy Gourmet Desserts
- No refined sugars, gluten, meat or dairy
- Performance Nutrition
- Live Food & Supplements

They also have a retail section (Kicking Horse Coffee is less expensive here than it is at a local major food chain). You can also stock up on things like White Truffle Oil - way less expensive than what you'll find at Pusateri's - or things like Spiroulina. You should check out the amazing cheesecake...I didn't have any of that...but it looked fabulous.

Check out their website

Located at 10 Keith Ave. (on Hwy 26), Collingwood, ON
L9Y 0W5


GD said...

Hello Julie!

I came across this restaurant also. I had an incredible meal which included the taco followed by the strawberry was super yummy! In fact I liked it so much I went back the next morning for breakfast. Breakfast was a latte and a smoothie. Both were amazing. I think I would rate it the best coffee in Collingwood....possibly the best coffee I’ve ever had. Overall the atmosphere was welcoming, comfortable and tasteful. I would say this restaurant is a must!

Squeez Your Lemons said...

We went up a few times over the weekend, The Tropical Bliss Smoothie is GREAT! As is the Blood Infusion drink and the kids LOVED the Fruit Smoothie...
Also tried the Taco, it was fabulous as well!


Julie Card said...

I went back there yesterday and brought home an espresso parfait and a piece of apple pie in case of midnight emergency...both (and I have only take a couple of bites out of each) are incredible. Seriously, I never thought food this good for you could taste this amazing.

Lora said...

nothing beats local ingredients that are grown in your own backyard, but considering our backyard space and someone who is gifted with a green thumb in the family, we're just having organic food delivered once in a while from our favorite farmer market :D